Logistical warehouse

Our warehouse offers more than the average logistical warehouse. Its 23,500 m2 are divided into several sections:

  • Block storage for 13,500 pallets up to a height of six metres.
  • Pallet racks up to a height of twelve metres. These 6,500 slots are manually operated and can support a maximum pallet weight of 1,000 kg.
  • Automatic Highbay Racking System for fully automated pallet storage up to a height of 38 metres. This system can hold 10,000 Euro-pallets, each weighing up to 750 kg.
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Flexibility, safety and continuity

With our extensive experience, we know exactly what to look out for. We focus on the optimisation of flexibility, safety and continuity, because we know just how important these factors are to your organisation. Certification and registration are also key aspects of our business. We make sure that our processes are set up to meet all relevant regulations. Of course, the costs are another important issue, which is exactly why we chose our current location. We can reach major highways in under two minutes, while the railway, harbour and airport are all just twenty minutes away. We are located in a financially more appealing region at some distance from Duisburghaven. It goes without saying that we allow our clients to benefit from the relatively low cost of our warehouse, without compromising the quality and partnership we offer.

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Contract Logistics

We are always looking for smart ways of collaboration that benefit both parties. Contract Logistics [PdG1] gives us the opportunity to tailor our services to your business processes as much as possible, as part of our long-term partnership. In this manner, Logistics Moers becomes an extension of your organisation and we can take care of the entire supply chain from the end of the production process to delivery to your customer’s doorstep. That is what makes us a full-range logistical partner.

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Solution-oriented and on the fly

In order to truly become an extension of your business, we will copy your processes and work directly in your own systems. This eliminates the overhead of our collaboration and ensures you always have instant access to the right information. When you visit our logistical warehouse, you will notice that it is set up exactly like your own warehouse. This approach allows us to operate in a solution-oriented manner and immediately implement any changes on the fly.

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Are you looking for a reliable, active and centrally located logistical partner for your organisation? Contact [PdG1] us so we can look at the possibilities together.

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