Like your own warehouse

When you do not have enough storage space of your own, you outsource this part of your business to an external warehouse. We want our warehouse to feel like your own. We therefore make sure to tailor our workflow and systems to your own procedures. The same goes for the guidelines of the certifications you employ. This feels familiar and guarantees optimal effectiveness and transparency.

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Constructive collaboration

We believe in building long-term constructive partnerships with our clients; together, we think in terms of large volumes and effective solutions. We act fast when speed is of the essence and offer plenty of storage space to deal with fluctuations in your production and sales volumes.

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Extension of your own business

When we develop a long-term collaboration, Contract Logistics, it gives us the time and opportunity to tailor our services entirely to our clients’ guidelines. We will set up our warehouse in accordance with your exact specifications. Logistics Moers serves as an extension of your own business. Working with your own systems saves valuable time, because your company can immediately access the right information.

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Automatic Highbay Racking System

Most external warehouses are manually operated and suitable for large volumes, but they may not be perfect for your products. The technical sector often demands a high degree of accuracy. Our Automatic Highbay Racking System provides this precision and security. The pallets are stored in the right place behind closed doors by the Automatic Highbay Racking System. This optimises the continuity of the process and minimises the error margin. Furthermore, all relevant data is immediately available at all times in a digital format.

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