We make sure that your products are delivered to your customers in the right composition and form. By outsourcing this process to us, you do not have to set up a dedicated space, devote planners and other staff to this task or purchase costly equipment. We report directly within your own systems, which gives you real-time insight at all times and eliminates the need to transfer any data.


Our Shuttle Transport picks up the goods after the production process. Perhaps your customers want a different composition on the pallet or not a pallet at all, but rather another packaging method. This repackaging process also calls for labelling. Logistics Moers ensure that all units are carefully labelled. All activities and data are registered in your own systems, which gives you an instant and real-time overview of the status of your products.


The more you can outsource, the more you can focus on the production of your goods. When customers or prospects want to receive a sample of your product, all you have to do is let us know. We will provide the right packaging and labelling and enter the data into your systems.

Bulk loading

Is your product packaged in big bags, but your customer wants it delivered straight into their silo? Not a problem! Our bulk loading service has the answer. With our installation, which is perfectly protected from atmospheric influences and therefore cannot affect the environment either, we can efficiently process powders, granulate, etcetera in the manner of your choosing.

Certification and registration

When we store your products, we will naturally take the guidelines, certifications and registrations you employ into account. Where needed, our processes fully comply with the guidelines of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and Halal. We have our own AIB (American Institute Bakery) and FDA (Food & Drug Administration) registrations and we can set up our processes in accordance with FIFO (First In First Out) at your request. These measures ensure that your entire flow of goods meets the guidelines you employ.

Complete service partner

Logistics Moers strives to develop long-term sustainable partnerships with its clients. We offer a full range of services to take matters out of your hands wherever we can. We will always tailor our services to your procedures and systems and give you optimal peace of mind. In addition to the aforementioned Value Added Services, we also offer Shuttle Transport[PdG1] . Our main concern is to consider your needs and tailor our services accordingly. We would love to sit down with you to evaluate your challenges and our possibilities.

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