Warehouse for pallets

Like you, we love to think big. Thinking about mass, volumes and large numbers is not possible without first safeguarding continuity, security and flexibility. We work together closely with you to effectively handle the fluctuations in your production and sales processes.

Warehouse met ruime palletopslag

We offer an impressive 23,500 m2 of pallet storage space. By dividing this space into three sections, we create more opportunities and can optimally service a wide range of sectors and businesses:

    • Block storage up to a height of six metres with room for 13,500 pallets.
    • Manually operated pallet racks that can support a maximum pallet weight of 1,000 kg. With a height of twelve metres, this section can hold up to 6,500 pallets.
    • As opposed to many other external warehouses, we choose to utilise the latest technological developments. Our Automatic Highbay Racking System is a fully automated rack storage solution. This section can hold 10,000 pallets that weigh up to 750 kg each.

Our warehouse is situated in a central location in the Ruhr region with a direct connection to the major highways and close proximity to the harbour, railway and airport.

Full range of services

With our pallet storage facility, we offer more than just cubic metres. We begin where your production process ends. That means that we operate in accordance with your own guidelines. We implement the regulations and conditions associated with your registrations and certifications in our own processes, to ensure your entire flow of goods meets these requirements. Our Shuttle Service ensures that your pallets are transported to our storage facility. We handle circa 2,000 to 3,000 pallets per day, involving[PdG1]  80 to 120 transport movements. By doing so, we take matters out of our clients’ hands and truly become an extension of their organisation. The latter is also reflected in our methods: we copy your processes to create a seamless connection between our organisations and make sure that our storage, reporting and overviews are exactly the same as your own.

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Are you looking for flexible, secure and top-quality pallet storage at a central location in Europe? Contact [PdG1] us so we can look at the possibilities together.

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