Extension of your own business

A long-term collaboration offers several benefits. For example, we will invest in our methods to ensure they tie in seamlessly with your processes and IT. In this manner, our warehouse becomes an extension of your own business, we handle part of your logistical process and you do not have to worry about a thing. You will receive reports and notifications in the format you are used to. Contract Logistics operates in a solution-oriented manner designed to implement any changes on the fly.


A 23,500 m2 warehouse offers a ton of possibilities. Part of the warehouse is structured in the traditional manner, while another part is home to the Automatic Highbay Racking System. With this unique system, your products are stored in our warehouse with optimal care and efficiency.

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System Management

You can view our warehouse space as an extension of your own warehouse. We tailor our systems to work for you, in the manner you are used to. This means that all IT systems are seamlessly connected and offer no unwanted surprises. Logistics Moers seamlessly integrates itself into your processes, which makes things a whole lot easier for you.

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Shuttle Transport

The more we take matters out of your hands, the more time you have to develop your business, portfolio and products. Logistics Moers takes care of the entire supply chain from the end of production to transport to your customers. Our shuttles will pick up your products and deliver them to our warehouse.

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