Storage and transhipment

Logistics Moers’ warehouse is an extension of your own business. You may view part of our 23,500 m2 warehouse as your own. We take matters out of your hands and offer flexible and top-quality short- and long-term storage solutions. Furthermore, we implement the guidelines of your certifications in our processes to ensure the entire flow of goods complies with the relevant regulations.

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Storage capacity of 30,000 pallets

Our warehouse offers a total storage capacity of 30,000 pallets. Ten thousand slots are reserved for the Automatic Highbay Racking System. This unique system stores your products in our 38-metre-high 1,800 m2 warehouse with optimal care and efficiency. With the Automatic Highbay Racking System, we safeguard the continuity of the process and provide extremely secure storage.

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Sufficient storage options

The remaining 20,000 pallet slots are divided into two groups. A total of 6,500 slots is reserved for pallets in a twelve-metre-high manually operated racking system. We can customise these racks to suit the dimensions of your pallets. The final 13,500 slots are suitable for block storage up to a height of six metres. All in all, we offer sufficient storage options and capacity to meet your every need, even in situations that call for added flexibility.

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The perfect logistical partner

Our central location makes Logistics Moers the perfect logistical partner. We are situated on the edge of the Ruhr region, close to various major highways and railway connections and the local harbour and airport, which can all be reached within two to twenty minutes. We chose a location that is appealing yet not in extremely high demand. The resulting lower costs of our warehouse also benefit our clients, without compromising our strategic location.

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