Oscar en Eddy saw that there was a need for a flexible and efficient organisation around warehousing. An organisation in which the client should always be the starting point and where flexibility and efficiency are top priorities. Add to this a unique location close to the German Ruhr area, and Logistics Moers was born.

Logistics Moers was established by Oscar Huizinga and Eddy Maas in 2009. Regrettably, Eddy passed away in mid-2016. As a co-founder, Eddy was an important partner. Partly because of his impressive portfolio in industrial real estate, he played an important and supporting role in the creation of Logistics Moers.

After Eddy died, Oscar took over as the only director. Oscar has more than 20 years of experience in the world of transport and logistics. He sees challenges as an opportunity and is flexible, client-focused, and reliable.

Oscar is proud of the 23,500-square-metre warehouse that meets all needs, from the basics to the most modern applications. Logistics Moers takes care of warehousing and all the disciplines that go with it. The most important thing is that storage and transhipment always meet the standards set by the client. It is also important that our processes connect seamlessly with the systems and working method of the client.

Are you curious to know what Logistics Moers can do for you, or do you have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about all the options we can offer you.